Tuesday, 17 March 2009

We've arrived, safe and with all the bags

Hi folks,

Well we've arrived, undeterred by the new check in system at the George Best City Airport, (computerised ticketing). Heathrow was a bit of a drag, but the Thai flight was so smooth. I thought the lack of entertainment would make the flight seem endless, but it didn't matter.

Joel was as good as gold... And you'll never believe what he saw when he switched on the TV - yes, Ben 10... it was all meant to be.

As I said the flight was perfect, Thai Airways is the way to go - food, hospitality, friendliness - they were amazing.

The newish airport was cool as well, and there was little waiting at the Immigration controls, but again, no problem.

The time here is 6.38 p.m. and so me and the kid are off to the pool. The temperature is about 28 o C and quite sticky. 

A view from our 23rd floor apartment can be seen above.

All the best from the tired but happy Martin family.

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  1. Hi Bryan Lesa & Joel
    Great to hear that you have arrived safely without any problems, we hope everything will go well - you will all be in our prayers - we hope everything will go to plan, take good care of yourselves - Tamah looks so beautiful in the photograph, we have given your Mum & Dad your news.
    Lots of Love Ruth & Andrew xoxoxox