Saturday, 21 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A happy Mother's Day to you all, especially to Lesa.

As expected an early morning was had by all. The young lady woke us at 4.30am, and then came into our bed for a while, before starting to play around a bit. At the time we were loving it, but now we're wrecked.

In a little while we're heading to Christ Church, Bangkok, and we hope she sleeps through most of it.

Today will be an relaxed day, as we probably can't cope with anything else. Down to the pool and then out for some food. 

It has been funny to watch people's expressions as we walked down to breakfast, I don't know what they made of us... But what's so amazing is that Tamah is doing well - eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, laughing, crying, even getting a bath with Lesa this morning, (although she did pee in the bath... that is Tamah peed in the bath, we taught Lesa to stop that before she came out to Thailand).

This is Tamah as of now, sleeping in her buggy... here's hoping it's a long one.

All the best.

The Martins

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