Friday, 20 March 2009

Our baby girl

Hi folks,

We all slept quite well, Lesa was awake for a while. We all went down to breakfast with a spring in our step...

We met Anant, our driver, at 9.30a.m. and went out to Pakkred. It took a little while to find her, but we found her in her room, (room no.4) with some volunters.

We didn't spend that long at Pakkred, which took me by surprise... but it was great to meet another family that have been part of Tamah's life, the Busan family.

Coming home, Tamah was a star... she took part of her bottle on Lesa's knee, looked at everything out the window, and then she fell asleep. We got back to Bandara Suites about 40 mins later and again she was all eyes... 

At the minute, she is walking all round the apartment, looking at everything, and I mean everything. Like most girls, she is quite vain - she loves looking at herself in the mirror. She loves her milk and her baby biscuits.

It is so amazing to think that we have her now... at the minute, (and we aware it could change so quickly), she couldn't be better. Laughing, walking, bashing things, kissing Joel, holding out her hands to Lesa and I. It's perfect!!!

This is Joel's video of Tamah.

We cannot express how happy we are... Joel is just after telling his mum that he could cry he's so happy. I think he's just put into words how we feel.

Thank you again for all your support, and your emails, texts and messages.


Bryan, Lesa, Joel & Tamah

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