Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Panel and Patience

Today was a good and bad day... it was great to travel out with Anant, back to DSDW for our panel - that's the moment when we adopt Tamah.

We went with some trepidation, but in reality it was a really positive experience. They talked to Joel most of the time and he was able to tell them how much he loved his new sister and what Northern Ireland was like. I don't think he took it to well when they suggested that we took Tamah back to Dromore and left Joel in Thailand.

As I said, the panel was great... hot but great, and Khun Chintana had bought everyone a present... she is such an amazing lady in so many ways. She loves her job and it shows.

Well that was the positive bit of the day; we then went to the UK Visa Application Office. I should have noticed that it was called Regent House, (the name of my old school), and run away at that moment.

I had to wait, and get this, 51/2 hours before I started the application process - talk about losing the will to live. Then they told me that it would take 90 days for the application to be processed... yes, you read that right, 90 days.

So I'm just off the phone with Michael in Belfast, (Senior Social Worker), who has phoned Stormont... I have written an email to Khun Chintana, and some folks at the British Embassy to try and clear up this mess.

The girl doing the application, didn't have a clue, and I spent most of the time pointing out forms to her, (folks, that doesn't give you much confidence in the system).

So on the upside, Tamah is now officially part of the Martin clan... downside, I might have to stay in Thailand for another 3 months, (no I'm joking... this will all get solved quickly and we will get the visa soon). However, what I want you folks to do is pray... pray that it will get all sorted out and we will have Tamah's visa and her passport back soon.

I have to laugh at this, it's just part of the joy of going through the process. 

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