Saturday, 28 March 2009

I've got my new shoes on and suddenly everything is alright

I am writing this a day late as:
1) I didn't get the wifi set up until now
2) Sleeping in one room with a 7 year old and a 1 year old and keeping them asleep while you're doing the blog is rather hard.

So 2 days... what can I remember? Well the most important thing is that WE HAVE THE VISA. Sitting having breakfast yesterday I got a call to the mobile. I thought it was some problem, but it was them telling me to pick it up anytime. Anant was dutifully dispatched before we headed down to Hua Hin.

Next, Tamah's new shoes - they are pink, (Megan would love them)... they have Minnie Mouse on them. They squeak when Tamah walks and they smell, (no, not like Joel's cheesy feet)... they smell of strawberries - yum, yum! Here's a little video of Tamah in her precious new shoes.

We arrived down in Hua Hin safely, but had a little bit of bother over our room... that was sorted out after 1/2 hour and we now have a lovely room overlooking the sea. The hotel is palatial, but it isn't half pricey. Joel is standing beside a fish pond just in front of our hotel above, and just to make you really sick and jealous, here's another photo.

The place is gorgeous, with plenty to do, but having one room is a bit of a problem putting the kids to sleep. Tamah is playing up a bit when we're putting her to bed, and poor Joel has to deal with a woman screaming - the only positive way to look at it is that it may sort him out for later life.

Well, Tamah has been busy and she is certainly not afraid of the water. We went over to the Woods' hotel so that Joel could play with Mimi. They have a shaded pool which was great for the kids, so we thought we would give her ladyship a splash... and splash she did. Ducking her head in the pool, jumping off the side. We'll see what's she's like with the Atlantic & the Irish sea soon.

I'm doing the blog with Joel tonight in the lobby listening to a French accordian, (which is a bit weird when you're in Thailand). Joel is just across from me, playing his DS, and Lesa & Tamah are having a battle of the wits over sleep time.

Well, now that we're up and running I'll be back with the daily blog. Until then, I'll leave you with this ticklefest with Tamah.

Night, night from a very hot Hua Hin, (with mosquitoes!)

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