Thursday, 26 March 2009

Messing about on the water

After thinking that we were up the creek without a paddle with the visa, (yesterday we were told that her visa would take 90 days to complete), we taught Tamah row, row your boat, just in case she had to, all the way back to Northern Ireland. But fear not, for I bring you good news.

This morning, when you were all fast asleep, I phoned the Embassy - not knowing at first that I was dialing the wrong number, (that would account for the fact no one answered me). 

I then phoned again, using the right number, and got no further, so I thought... we're not so far from the Embassy, I'll get a taxi and head round there.

When I arrived, I was met with a security bunker - how I miss them round Belfast, not! Well to cut a long story short, I didn't get in... but I was able to speak to a "Pat" in the Visa Office who told me that the visa would take about 5 working days maximum... (so dad, chill out).

Yesterday, it took me over 51/2 hours to be told that my visa would take 90 days... today, it took me 45 mins. there and back to find out it's only 5 working days - go figure!

To continue on the nautical theme, Joel and I took to the briny sea
 today... well, the lake in Lumphini Park to be honest. This happy photo was taken just before Joel had the clever idea of dropping his hat in the lake.

It was a good afternoon's fun, just what we needed after yesterday - a bit of relaxation. The lake was teeming with terrapins and catfish... all very exciting.

Tamah was great today, although she did bump her head and scream the place down... but that is actually good, (no, not that she hurt herself), that she is able to cry.
Usually when she fell, she wouldn't say a peep... we can see that she is relaxing and trusting us a bit more, which is really positive.

Well, I'm going to say goodbye, as I've got an early start tomorrow... we set sail, (see what I did there?) for Hua Hin at 10a.m., you'll all be in your beds, or at least you should be at 3 in the morning.

All the best from the Martins, and sweet dreams.

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  1. So sweet... God bless her, she is so precious! Thanks for sharing all of these great pictures and daily events. Tell Joel we are so proud of him. He is a wonderful brother to his new sister. We hope this finds you all well..

    Love and blessings,

    Lesley and Dorothy XO