Monday, 23 March 2009

Tamah makes her presence known

Hi from an extremely balmy Bangkok.

Today was absolutely roasting, so like mad dogs and Englishmen, (no offence), we went out in the hot sun to Lumphini Park, which is just at the end of our road.

It's a huge public park where you can go for a boat ride, play in the play park and for the adults, there's all these exercise machines.. really cool. As you can see below, Joel was the only one who tried to build up his muscles.

Forgot to tell that the park also has these monsters... monitor lizards... huge ones.

Tamah made her presence known today after not sleeping that well. She turned into a bit of a monster and threw an absolute paddy when we were out eating tonight... but there again she didn't have her full sleep. We think she is starting to understand in her own way that things are changing for her.

She is such a character, we can't wait for you to meet her... may be will be a while after we get back to Northern Ireland, but she is hilarious. She has such an infectious little laugh, and a really mischievious personality... you can't help falling in love with her.

Here is her ladyship throughout today; these photos do little justice to both the stubborness and the angel that is Tamah Martin.



  1. nice posting once again mr bloggs.
    your next challenge is to get a wee video of her laughing.
    can't wait to hear it,

  2. Really pleased to hear that everything is going so well for you - you all look like the very happy family that you deserve to be. Lots of love to you all. assuring you of continued prayers.