Monday, 30 March 2009

Hospital in Hua Hin

I started with this title because I knew that it would catch your attention. (To the right - a picture of Tamah practising her skills at tuk tuk driving).

Yes, we had to take Tamah to the hospital today because she was so hot. We tried calpol and nurofen, and they seemed to work for a while, but then after an hour her temp. was up again. So we spoke the the receptionist and the hotel drove us out to the hospital. 

If anyone reading this has anything to do with the NHS, then read on... the hospital was spotlessly clean. The nurses were all over Tamah like a rash, (Lesa loved it when she ran away from them all and back to us). We were seen in about 20 mins, and it cost us £6, (that's right £6) for a private consultation with a paediatrician. There was free coffee, tea and water... and Tamah was very much taken with the fish tank... probably thought it was dinner. We were right to bring her, she had a virus, which the doctor told us would go away in a couple of days. So family, everything is alright! Tamah is well... we were just making sure, and we are to keep giving her the calpol and nurofen... so for once in our lives, we were doing the right thing as parents.

Seriously, I would pay £6 for the doctors if we were treated the way Tamah was today.

Joel was with the Woods at their pool, so he was happy and we were able to look after Tamah without him being bored... we went round after the hospital and we let Tamah have a little dip to cool her down a bit, (apologies for my naked torso). 

Joel also got his wish to go to Subway's for dinner... yum, yum?! After that it was back to the Market Village with the Woods. Joel got some Pokemon cards, and Tamah got her second pair of shoes and a pair of sunglasses, as modelled below. Lesa and I, well we bought the groceries...

Tonight, Tamah was a little bit easier to put to bed, which helped Joel get to bed a little bit earlier, which in turn helped us relax a little bit more. So with 2 sleepy kids and their 2 sleepy parents, we'll pull down the shades, (get it?!), on this post, and speak to you tomorrow.

All the best,

The Martins


  1. Brilliant to follow it all with you Graham had told us to log on to get all the details Praying for you all and safe travel back for the 4 of you
    God has blessed you all and especially little Tamah He has given her such a special family who will teach her the love of God God be with you all
    With much love and with our prayers
    From the 8 Barrs!

  2. Glad the wee woman is ok and hope she's feeling back to normal real quick.
    Enjoy the sunshine... but please keep a top on!