Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Nellie the elephant packed her trunk

Welcome to another action packed day with the Martins.

Tamah did great last night, and this morning we were greeted with her clambering all over us and giving us kisses. She was in great form today, even taking her medicine without spitting it all over the place.

After breakfast, we went down to the pool and Lesa finally got the chance to sun herself. Tamah after her swim promptly fell asleep and Joel & I went for a jacuzzi... it's a tough life here, honest!

The other family that we have been hanging around with from Wales, the Woods, still have not yet received their visa and they are travelling up to Bangkok tomorrow and then home the next day, they really need our prayers that all will work out.

So while Lesa was looking after Tamah, (she won't go on an elephant after her experience 3 years ago)... Joel, Mimi & I went off to the Hua Hin hills to make like Indiana Jones on the back of Natalie, (not Nellie) for an hour of elephant riding... I had promised Joel that when we got back to Hua Hin that we would go on the elephants again. Yet, that wasn't all, check out this elephant, pretty impressive, eh?! 

This same elephant can play football, (Joel saved 3 of her penalties)... she can dance, play basketball, paint... a pretty talented elephant if you ask me.


The sun had gone behind the clouds for a while when we were riding the elephant, which was great, as otherwise we would have fried, (Joel and myself would have, Mimi would have been fine). 

Tomorrow, we hope to do a lot more swimming, and then at night to head off to the night market for some haggling.

Until then, I'll say goodnight...

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