Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hot in Hua Hin

Just looked up the weather for Northern Ireland on the BBC, Light Showers and 7 0C... well, here's it's 37 oC and desert dry. Yesterday, we got a little bit too much sun, so we took it easy this morning with a little trip to Hua Hin Market Village, (sounds like a Thai market, but in reality it's like a huge shopping mall).

We took a Tuk tuk out to the shop as it was too roasty to walk. Tamah could have done it but us whiteys would have fried. So off on the tuk tuk we went, and unlike Bangkok, in Hua Hin you don't take your life in your hands or get ripped off if you travel this way.

So, yes, I know it's a Sunday but we went shopping... we did have a service together in our hotel room, and I can already tell that Tamah is going to love the Kids' Praise Songs. 

We spent the good part of the morning and mid afternoon at the Market Village and then we went back to the room. We got a chance to skype Lesa's Mum, so both of them were happy, and Tamah and I just played around in the background.

Later on, when the sun was a little bit cooler, we went down to the beach for a while so that Lesa and Tamah could dip their feet, and the boys could do a spot of rock climbing. We then went to another pool in the hotel... had a dip, jacuzzi, messed about, came back to the room... Tamah slept, which allowed us to get ready, and then we all went out.

The food is so good here... seriously if you haven't tried Thai food, go for it, you don't know what you're missing.

Well, as I was saying, we all went out, some of us in our new clothes... posers!

We pottered round for a bit, and then went back to the room to see if young miss Martin would go to sleep.

Presently, I'm sitting way down the hall, Joel is sitting in the toilet and Lesa is with Tamah trying to settle her. I think they have both fallen asleep.

It's amazing to think that this time next week, we will be making our journey home. Part of me can't wait and the other part says, "You know Bryan, Thailand really is a beautiful country, stay a while longer"

We're now on the homeward leg, but this time when we don't have to think about visas or panels is great for us as a family. It's great fun being the 4 of us... don't get me wrong, it was great when it was only 3, but now we have our little girl and our big boy... God is good.

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  1. hi folks,

    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible time with us back at home - the photos and videos are just so full of joy and it is so encouraging to see you all looking so happy. Make sure that you enjoy every last minute of your well deserved time at the beautiful resort but don't feel the need to share details about gorgeous food, fantastic weather and sea views every day- making me a wee bit jealous!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    Lots of love and prayers