Friday, 20 March 2009

Pakkred, Take 2

First of all, last night we got an email with our 17C attached... That means we can look after Tamah officially, as of now.

We were able to take things a little bit easier this morning, as we weren't expected at Pakkred until 2p.m. We met the Woods family from Wales, who are here for the same reason. Mimi, their eldest daughter, and Joel get along really well and they had great fun in the pool together.

We couldn't wait to get up to the Babies Home to meet Tamah again... I have to say it again, she is amazingly beautiful. How can you resist those eyes?! And do you see the cute blue & pink dress?

It was a little bit different today; I think we got to know the real Tamah... She was a little bit more comfortable with me, but then wanted to go to Joel and Lesa.Which Lesa was really happy about. Tamah was particularly fond of Lesa's bracelet... a girl with taste.

We got to feed her, play with her, walk about with her... and guess what folks?

As of tomorrow she's with us 24/7... that's right, she's coming home with us!!!

Let's hope that we don't have get stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam like we were today... the heat and the humidity left us all totally dehydrated... sore heads and really weak. So it was a lazy McDonald's for tea, and loads of drinks tonight, (for those that were complaining about the blog not being up in time, that's the reason).

I'll leave you with a little picture of my 2 girls hugging each other...

Roll on tomorrow

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  1. She is gorgeous so happy for the three of you. cant wait to see her photos and videos are great. steven and beki