Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Joel

Well this morning was an exciting day for one of our kids... Joel became 8 years old, and was very pleased to see that we had bought him a Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitix, (as modelled below); a Ben10 t-shirt from his sister, and a solitaire board game. He also got some clothes, but they are not so important as the other stuff.

The day just got better when we went to the Market Village to buy him some more Ben 10 figures, (Echo Echo & Chromastone), that add to his omnitrix... I think you need to be 8 to understand it all. All I can say is, he was one seriously happy boy.

After shopping, we went to the pool to cool down... today it was 39 oC, (seriously hot, too hot). It was cloudy in the afternoon, so we took our chance and went to the pool and for a swing...

We were getting ready to go out when then there was a knock at the door - it was one of the hotel staff with this beautiful chocolate birthday cake... see below...

It was then off to speak to Granny & Granda on skype at McDonalds, (where we are blogging from now), get the washing, and then off to the resteraunt of Joel's choice, (lucky he is a cheapy and picked the place in the night market which tonight was bunged).

There he got another birthday cake from the staff, (this is one seriously popular child). 

Joel finished off his collection of board games with his new purchase of Chinese Checkers - I don't have a clue how to play it, so will anyone teach me?

We then went off to Swensen's which is this serious cool ice cream store, and there... you guessed it, he had a Happy Birthday ice cream and got a polaroid with Happy Birthday all over it, (I wish I was 8 again!)

I hope you had a great birthday son, I love you very much and hope and pray for the best in your life.

Well on a different tack, this will probably be our last post from Thailand... we leave this time tomorrow to head up to Bangkok and then on to Heathrow. It has been an adventure, which by the way does not finish but just changes a bit when we get back to Northern Ireland. We have so many mixed emotions and it will be hard to say good bye for now to Thailand, but say good bye we must. Just pray that Tamah sleeps the whole way to Heathrow!

We love this place so much, but we can't wait to get home... there's a new edition that we want you to say hello to... her name is Tamah - our precious jewel.

Thank you for journerying with us and see you soon,

Bryan, Lesa, Joel & Tamah Martin

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